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Our Products




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Since 1946, our other location (Fresno Distributing Company) and sixteen years later in 1962, R. V. Cloud Company has also offered the best quality service covering the State of California for over 60 years of wholesale excellence!


As a wholesale distributor that is open to the public, we provide the lowest competitive (Not at retail-we sell at wholesale and below wholesale prices) pricing for Plumbing, Appliances, Tools and much more. Our companies are equipped to supply for the largest of the Plumbing Contractors (including Major Appliances for large residential developments and/or the highest grades of quality for individual homes) as well as the single owned "Handy Man" enterprise and of course every day walk in do-it-yourself customers.


R. V. Cloud Company and Fresno Distributing Company are more then well staffed with trained qualified friendly employees eager to better help answer all your questions (will even go over your drawn up plans) to locate and provide the products you will need or may need in the future.


If you need to acquire pricing (and most customers are curious what certain products will cost them; especially if they have visited our website for R. V. Cloud Company which is and for Fresno Distributing Co.), place an order, or just wish to ask questions or offer suggestions, please feel free to call R. V. Cloud Co. direct at: 408-378-7943 or Toll Free: 800-987-4001 (talk as long as you wish TOLL FREE). Our FAX Main Business Number is: 408-378-0561. Our FAX Plumbing Number located upstairs is: 408-379-7249  Our Accounts Receivables FAX Number is: 408-378-6726 and our shipping and Returns FAX Number is: 408-874-0772.


R. V. Cloud Company is located at: 3000 S. Winchester Blvd., Campbell, California, 95008. See our fabulous full color electronic messages type of Billboard located in front of our store.


If you "Click On" the heading entitled LOCATIONS above or below this webpage and then "Click On" the box for map/directions, the map will show you precisely how to arrive at R. V. Cloud Company.


Store Hours:

Monday - Friday: 
7:00am - 6:00pm

9:00am - 3:00pm 

R. V. Cloud Company: Kitchen and Bath Remodelling, Plumbing Supplies, Plumbing Fixtures, Kitchen Appliances, Tools and more.